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Shawn D. Brown is an award-winning nature photographer living in Minnesota's lakes region.

Like many who grew up in Minnesota, Shawn spent much of his time outdoors enjoying nature year round. From a very young age, he developed a great appreciation and respect for nature and wilderness of Minnesota. This is the focus of many of his photos with an emphasis on wildlife, landscapes, and astrophotography.

Self-taught as a teenager, he holds to traditional values of photography and uses minimal manipulation or photo editing. While having transitioned from film to digital several years ago, Shawn still believes in his film roots.

Shawn’s work as a nature photographer has taken him to various places in the United States including Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, the Dakotas and many locations around the Great Lakes. Having lived on Oahu for over 3 years while in the United States Marine Corps, he also loves to go back and capture the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.

Having been immersed in nature photography for over 20 years, he has developed a style that is truly unique to him. His photographic goal is to capture nature’s rare and ephemeral moments to preserve and share.

Over his many years as a photographer, he has won numerous awards for his work and has been published in Capture Minnesota’s Books II and III.

Shawn prides himself on providing customers with only the highest quality pieces of art. He has taken great care in finding and partnering with only the most reliable printers who share the goal of providing only the highest quality prints. Shawn D. Brown Images only offers images that have been carefully selected and are of exceptional quality and print-ready.

If you have questions about his work or anything on this website, feel free to use our Contact form to your left.

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